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Good practices for the historic newspaper reader

This is the last post of a series dedicated to historic newspapers. Here, I offer a three-step guide to find more relevant content and make the most of using historic newspaper databases. Continue reading “Good practices for the historic newspaper reader”


OCR for dummies

This is the second post of a series dedicated to digitised historic newspapers. This post explains non-technically what is OCR, the technology that operates behind large quantities of scanned text documents. Continue reading “OCR for dummies”

Digitised historic newspapers in three chapters

This series of three posts is dedicated to better understanding and finding relevant information on digital portals for historic newspapers. This guide is aimed for educators, students and occasional readers of historic newspapers, especially those who feel unfamiliar navigating web portals giving access to this kind of historic documents. Continue reading “Digitised historic newspapers in three chapters”

Reblog: from Aviisi project

Narration of my first encounter with teachers during my research at Ristiina a public school near Mikkeli, Eastern Finland.
Continue reading “Reblog: from Aviisi project”

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