Learning Stories

digital cultural knowledge in school



learning stories told by and thanks to the real protagonists of my dissertation: teachers and students

Story 3: Political history for beginners

I had two conversations with two history teachers lately. It was specially interesting for me, because both warned me before our conversation that they were traditional in their teaching methods. Regardless of their use of digital resources, I want to know how teachers communicate history to their students. Especially when they have 20 or more of years experience teaching, I could see that they had developed a formula that works both for them and their students. Continue reading “Story 3: Political history for beginners”


Story 2: Professional journalism and some Art Nouveau

Ateneum no 2 15.04.1900 uring my last visit to a high school to interview some teachers, I had the luck of meeting three students. I will hopefully interview them properly after their ear-numbing healthy summer holidays. Continue reading “Story 2: Professional journalism and some Art Nouveau”

Story 1: Hipster in Stone

This first learning story was kindly supplied by Pirkko, a visual arts teacher from Southern Finland. Her students range ages from 12 to 18 and when it comes to digital, she has gotten so used to her ipad, that sometimes you can see her touching her desktop computer screen to play a youtube video. In this age of digital technology, her students teach her something new, “every day”. Continue reading “Story 1: Hipster in Stone”

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