In this blog I will document and share my doctoral investigation.

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In my dissertation I investigate what happens in the day-to-day of an upper-secondary classroom, when students and teachers observe/discuss/transform/appropriate cultural heritage. The backdrop of this research is the digital age, when centennials (born around 2000) and their teachers learn and teach in a moment that allows countless cultural objects to be reproduced in countless portals at the tip of their fingers.

I part from the notion that digital cultural heritage is something else than transforming what is printed in books, displayed in vitrines or documented in catalogues from its physical object into a digital surrogate. Looking at how we interact with digital cultural heritage, this something else becomes visible. In the big scheme of things we could formulate this in one question: What have we learned after years of digitisation? The small scale of every-day life, finding out what does digital cultural heritage mean for the teacher and the student, and what activities emerge in the setting of their classroom, is a good place to start answering this huge question.

Educators are welcomed to participate, with whatever understanding they have of cultural heritage. During face-to-face interviews, participants in schools and cultural heritage institutions and providers will be asked to inform about their experiences and contributions learning and teaching cultural heritage.

I am a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki since January 2016 (here’s my CV). I will be posting about current issues and ideas and I welcome teachers and people that feel appealed by this subject to participate:

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Tutkimuskseni tiivistelmä suomeksi:

Tämä tutkimus tutkii kulttuuriperintöön liittyvää opetusta ja oppimista lukioissa. Taustan tutkimukselle muodostaa digitalisaatio ja sen opetukselle luomat mahdollisuudet ja haasteet. Kaikkien oppiaineiden opettajat ovat tervetulleita osallistumaan tutkimukseen omalla kulttuuriperintöön liittyvällä osaamisellaan. Henkilöhaastattelujen kautta koulut, kulttuuriperintöä vaalivat ja hyödyntävät instituutiot sekä muut keskeiset toimijat pääsevät kertomaan omista mielipiteistään ja kokemuksistaan kulttuuriperintöä koskevan tiedon jakamisesta opetustyössä.