“It doesn’t matter the subject, we just have to think of something to do with the ipad”
(visual arts teacher)

“It is a good thing that they can all practice at the same time, and go like ‘ok I think I can do this’ (…), but if you say ‘who wants to go to the piano?’ they can go like ‘everybody can hear me!”
(music teacher on using Garage Band)

Yes, they use them (…) if they are making a video or for an interview, as a technical equipment, but not for making assignments or writing
(language teacher)

Do you know Morfo system? It is in tablets I have not used it, but I know it’s very fine and next autumn I will try it…
(language teacher)

The next step is when the students got their own equipment. Now, we don’t do this kind of presentations by the teachers, but the students do their own presentation. And use these vast digital sources of pictures (…) Without this digital revolution, it is not possible at all.
(history teacher)