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My life as a participant

I have found myself recently participating as a way to doing fieldwork. During the pandemic, it has proven difficult to undertake fieldwork, as had planned: onsite, participant observing. Therefore I would like to report here on my own experience as participant, in the so called “participatory turn”. Continue reading “My life as a participant”

Article: From bits to templates

Digitisation enhances the fragmentation from which school history has always suffered. However, in this article recently published, I claim that in the everyday oral history presentations students are able to solve and use this fragments to create their own recipes and cultivate a taste of what it is to do history. Continue reading “Article: From bits to templates”

Exceptional times engaging museum-folk in “digital talk”

I recently read about how post-corona museum audiences can understand museums differently (read article in MuseoPro). I think that to talk about the digital dimension of museums in comparison to its material dimension, is missing the point of how “digital” is a museum dimension in its own right. Continue reading “Exceptional times engaging museum-folk in “digital talk””

Autoethnography of isolation: teleresearching in times of Coronavirus

Maybe to many, what provides the most determining routine in life is their work. In times of Corona, I have read somewhere that routines have radically changed for everyone, and naturally also has work Continue reading “Autoethnography of isolation: teleresearching in times of Coronavirus”

Curating exhibitions: meaning-making from the collection

If we look for the meaning of curator in a dictionary, we find a keeper or custodian of a museum collection. Before looking at curating in the context of museums, we must first understand what museum collections entail, as the curator is in first instance, the scientist or academic responsible for the study of the collection [1]. Continue reading “Curating exhibitions: meaning-making from the collection”

Curating the self in digital networked spaces

Continue reading “Curating the self in digital networked spaces”

Article: A long way? Introducing digitized historical newspapers in school

The first publication of my dissertation is out.

The article “A long way? Introducing digitized historical newspapers in school” presents a case study examining how an upper-secondary class used the Finnish National Library’s digital collections of historical newspapers. Continue reading “Article: A long way? Introducing digitized historical newspapers in school”

Good practices for the reader of historical newspapers

This is the last post of a series dedicated to historical newspapers. Here, I offer a three-step guide to find more relevant content and make the most of using historical newspaper databases. Continue reading “Good practices for the reader of historical newspapers”

OCR for dummies

This is the second post of a series dedicated to digitised historical newspapers. This post explains non-technically what is OCR, the technology that operates behind large quantities of scanned text documents. Continue reading “OCR for dummies”

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