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digital cultural knowledge in school

Collecting learning stories

I am currently doing one-to-one interviews with teachers and welcome participation! Continue reading “Collecting learning stories”

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Good practices for the historic newspaper reader

This is the last post of a series dedicated to historic newspapers. Here, I offer a three-step guide to find more relevant content and make the most of using historic newspaper databases. Continue reading “Good practices for the historic newspaper reader”

OCR for dummies

This is the second post of a series dedicated to digitised historic newspapers. This post explains non-technically what is OCR, the technology that operates behind large quantities of scanned text documents. Continue reading “OCR for dummies”

Reading digitised historic newspapers: finding stories on the printed page

This is the first of three posts, dedicated to understanding better digitised historic newspapers. This post offers an introduction to digitised newspapers, as a hybrid between two more familiar objects: printed newspapers and online news sites. Continue reading “Reading digitised historic newspapers: finding stories on the printed page”

Digitised historic newspapers in three chapters

This series of three posts is dedicated to better understanding and finding relevant information on digital portals for historic newspapers. This guide is aimed for educators, students and occasional readers of historic newspapers, especially those who feel unfamiliar navigating web portals giving access to this kind of historic documents. Continue reading “Digitised historic newspapers in three chapters”

Year one: work done so far

A year ago two things happened to set this project in motion: I started as doctoral student at the University of Helsinki and engaged with a project that would allow me to start my research. Continue reading “Year one: work done so far”

Understanding agents in school: economy and education policy

In this post I convey some thoughts about innovation and change in the field I am researching. What is the motor of change in schools, what changes are actually happening  and who are the agents that influence or introduce change. Continue reading “Understanding agents in school: economy and education policy”

Story 3: Political history for beginners

I had two conversations with two history teachers lately. It was specially interesting for me, because both warned me before our conversation that they were traditional in their teaching methods. Regardless of their use of digital resources, I want to know how teachers communicate history to their students. Especially when they have 20 or more of years experience teaching, I could see that they had developed a formula that works both for them and their students. Continue reading “Story 3: Political history for beginners”

Is digital eclipsing heritage?

Some months in my research fieldwork, I am starting to have a stomach feeling that will need to be contrasted by some evidence to clear my next question: Continue reading “Is digital eclipsing heritage?”

Story 2: Professional journalism and some Art Nouveau

Ateneum no 2 15.04.1900 uring my last visit to a high school to interview some teachers, I had the luck of meeting three students. I will hopefully interview them properly after their ear-numbing healthy summer holidays. Continue reading “Story 2: Professional journalism and some Art Nouveau”

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